PRACTICE: Publication Design


STUDIO: Senior Thesis

Color introduces the basics of color psychology allowing readers to learn the general perception of color through the American cultural lens, color’s influence on human emotion, as well as how hue, value, and chroma can change the feeling a color invokes.


These concepts allow the audience to be conscious and appreciative of color all the while also introducing a new way of thinking.


Creating a systematic rhythm that was repeated throughout for each color was an important process. Wanting to give the reader the best immersion of a single color, each section starts with a full bleed spread of color. Which is then followed by a spread with a wordmark that represents the colors meaning visually and a variety of different values and chromas of the single color.


As an alternative to the book, mini cards were created to give a quick and easy way of learning each colors meaning. One side has the description while the other is of a color’s wordmark. For every color, one word that best represents that color was chosen to be turned into a wordmark. Every wordmark used a different typeface to continually give emphasis on what the color represented.