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My name is Winnie like Winnie the Pooh! I was born in Taiwan and raised in Singapore. Influenced by the vibrant tapestry of cultures in Southeast Asia, my appreciation for the arts has been deeply rooted by my upbringing in Singapore. The exposure not only enriched my creative lens, but also sparked a lifelong passion for storytelling through design.

With over four years of experience as a Graphic Designer, I’ve specialized in brand, environmental, experiential, and packaging design. My professional journey sparked a fascination with the synergy between visual design and spatial experiences, leading me to pursue a Master's in Interior Design, First Professional, at the University of Texas at Austin. I am currently seeking my second summer internship to further explore and apply my skills in this dynamic field.

When I'm not designing, my other great passion is exploring the world. Traveling has always been a big part of my life and constantly inspiring my creativity. It's a goal of mine to visit all the wonders of the world.


Thank you for visiting!

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